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Avg Rating: 4.9

Kenzlee Vital Stats:
Height:  mini
Breasts:  AA
Description:  Every once and while I get a girl to want to shoot that is just out of this world stunning, and it’s all about being in the right place at the right time! Kenzlee is way too hot to be fucking someone like me on camera, but as a broke college student from out of state who doesn’t have the money for her bill’s she went out looking for a quick fix and fell on too my lap. This girl could be a 10 if she got some tit’s and didn’t have her tattoo. It’s hard to phantom how epic her ass is since she’s only 90lbs!! She was a little shy at her first shoot, but by her second it was an all hands on deck fuck fest. Let’s hope she cannot pay her bill’s next month cause this is one I want to keep around !
Eyes:  hazel
Hair:  blonde
Shoes:  6
Weight:  thin
Ethnicity:  white

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KENZLEE - Fuck's herself in the woods
Kenzlee 05/14/2015

Tags: Amateur, Ass Fetish, Behind The Scenes, Blonde

KENZLEE - Teen gets fucked and cream pie'd her second time around!
Kenzlee 03/12/2015

Tags: Amateur, Blonde, Blow Job, Cream Pie

Fit Babe
Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur, Bra & Panties

Topless Teen
Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur, Blonde, Topless

Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur

Pussy Shots
Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur, Nude, Pussy

Little Cow Girl
Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur, Hardcore Sex

Ready To Fuck
Kenzlee 03/05/2015

Tags: Amateur, Masturbation, Nude, Topless

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