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Models / Ava

Avg Rating: 4.0

Ava Vital Stats:
Height:  5'6
Breast Size:  36b
About this model:   
Ava is into girls, guys, some vegatables ... you know pretty much anything that she can play with or that can lick her pussy. Basically, this girl loves cock and can't stop thinking about it being inside her tight, wet, amateur pussy. She's a stripper in case you could not tell, and not exactly a very good one at that. Although she sucks at dancing, she makes up for it with blow jobs in the VIP room. They aren't cheap so if you can find her at work be prepared to max out your credit card.... FYI she swallows.
Age:  Libra
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Brown
Shoe Size:  7
Weight:  145lbs
Ethnicity:  White

Ava Updates

AVA - Mouth full of cock
First time model Ava is into girls , guys , herself ... you know pretty much anything that can play with or lick her pussy. Hands down this girl loves cock and can't stop thinking about it being inside her tight, wet, amateur pussy. She's a stripper incase you could not tell and not exactly a very good...

Tags: Amateur, Blow Job
AVA & HOLLY - Power tool threesome
Ava, Holly
Ava and Holly work at the same strip club, both of them let me know they need to make some cash.... I mean seriously girls if you ask me for cash you’re asking to do a porn video. I am not a loan shark I am a producer of sorts, or maybe a guy who just wants to get his dick wet. I talk with the...

Tags: Amateur, Bondage, Hard Fucking, Masturbation
BRAYELLE & AVA - Loses her lady virgity
Ava, Brayelle
Brayelle have never been with a girl, and Ava gets off turning girls out watch as they have a kinky sex session that they don't even want me involved in .... Boooooo so I go make a hot pocket and let the girls discover each other. I come back in the room and they are all over each other you have to like...

Tags: Amateur, Ass Fetish, Behind The Scenes, Blow Job
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